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Faith Based Organizations

Educational Institutions

Business Institutions

Individuals, Families & Communities


EdNet Connections, LLC provides quality educational training in order to produce exemplary leaders who are better equipped to provide an education that will enhance the growth/development of children and adults throughout the state and provides for a curriculum that will “Creatively Challenge the Mind” of children and adults.


Our Founder, Shaft Brown has worked in the educational arena for nearly two decades and is ready to put his experience to work for you.

Our Services

Professional Developments and Workshops are provided as full and half-day trainings customized to the needs of the entities serviced. 

Virtual Learning Sessions and Training:
All sessions and interactions can occur face to face or via virtual learning tools (asynchronous and synchronous) to include:
Tutorial Academic Sessions; and Professional Development Sessions.

Our Clients

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Southern MS.png

(South Carolina)

Independent Consulting Firms Math/Reading  (Jackson, MS)

Delta Rural Systemic Initiative


SERVE, Southeast Eisenhower Regional Consortium for Mathematics & Science Education, (Tallahassee, FL)

SRA McGraw Hill (Arlington, TX)

Private Christian Schools (Jackson, MS)

Church Educational Departments (Central, MS)

Simpson County Fatherhood Initiative Program (Mendenhall, MS)


Business and Career Literacy

  • Basic business structure and organizational support;

  • Business staff training and professional development;

  • Career Choices/Customer Service skills/Employability skills; and

  • Business/Career resources.

Community Outreach

  • Self-Management Skills;

  • Advocating and connecting community to services;

  • Adult Education Personal Enrichment Courses; and

  • Community Service Resources.

Education and Technology Literacy

  • Informational/Communication Technology instruction;

  • Basic skills/Academic support and instruction;

  • Professional Development/Teacher Coaching; and

  • Education and Technology resources.

Finance and Wealth Literacy

  • Budgeting/Money Management Skills Training;

  • Credit Building/Maintenance;

  • Financial Planning/Income generating/Investments; and

  • Financial/Wealth resources.

Health and Wellness Literacy

  • Preventive and health care well-being maintenance;

  • Physical and emotional health awareness;

  • Healthy lifestyle health education; and

  • Health/Wellness resources.

Virtual Learning Sessions and Training

  • Face-to-face or virtual learning;

  • Tutorial Academic Sessions; and

  • Professional Development Sessions.

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